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    Edition 89

    Posted on 02-May-2016

    • Concreting the basement: Brighton's new attraction i360
    • The new M 47-5: 5-arm boom on 4 axles
    • Building a bridge: the best solution with a stationary concrete pump
    • NEW generation PUMIĀ®: Premiere at bauma 2016
    • Truck mixers: New control system ErgonicĀ® Mixer Control
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    Edition 88

    Posted on 01-Oct-2015

    • Large concrete placement at giant hospital in Montreal
    • Truck mixer with 360degree camera system
    • Stationary concrete pumps in St. Petersburg
    • Technology: Low-emission stationary concrete pumps
    • Industrial Technology: Putzmeister pumps save resources in Europe's largest coal power station
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    Edition 87

    Posted on 23-Jul-2015

    • Extension of pumped storage power plants in the Swiss Alps
    • Investment in German headquarters: The new test hall
    • Putzmeister at Sea: Offshore wind farm EnBW Baltic 2
    • Constructing with screed: Putzmeister mortar machines in Moscow residential building project
    • Concrete transportation: The new truck mixer P 9 UL
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