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CPE Machinery is proud to supply a wide range of parts and accessories for machinery used in construction, tunnelling and mining. We offer the best brands in concrete pumping hose and pipe, and ship to all areas of Australia. Our Esser Twin Pipes delivery pipes and special fittings can be used with any concrete pump brand, as can our ConForms pipeline, hose & accessories, Trelleborg hose, Putzmeister hose and accessories, and many of our other concrete pumping accessories.

For our Putzmeister customers we also offer genuine wear and replacement parts to meet servicing requirements and ensure your machine remains in optimal operating condition.

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Aliva 101 Quick-Connect Spray Head

Do it by hand... Or, get it done QUICK!

CPE Machinery are proud to deliver an exciting new concept to Australia incorporating the latest advances in shotcrete technology. Simply attach the Sika Aliva 101 Spray Head to your excavator and you can spray high volumes of concrete through a 65mm (2½") hose with zero effort!

This is an extremely economic solution for the following reasons:

  • saves time and money by dramatically reducing the manual labour component
  • cost reductions by using your own excavator that is already on the job site
  • greater flexibility and reach without the need for scaffolding
  • safe operation with the operator sitting comfortably in the excavator

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Putzmeister Steady Hose

Keep everything under control with Putzmeister Steady Hose (SH) end hose. Based on experience in the field the new Putzmeister SH end hose has been developed to offer reduced risk of injury and improved wear behaviour when concreting with placing booms.

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly less deflection
  • Risk of injury is minimized
  • Gentler work at the end hose
  • Less wear

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Pulsor 170 Light Trelleborg Hose

Introducing the all new, lighter weight 4" - 4m long fabric drop hose by Trelleborg - the Pulsor 170 Light. Trelleborg is widely acknowledged as the highest quality, best value concrete placing hose available, and this new lightweight fabric drop hose is sure to be a winner.

Key benefits include:

  • Best quality European hose
  • Best value hose on the market
  • 25% lighter than steel reinforced hoses
  • High abrasion resistance for extended life
  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • 85 bar working pressure, 170 burst pressure

Trelleborg concrete pumping hoses are highly abrasion resistant for extended service life, flexible and easy to handle, robust in construction to withstand heaving compressive loads, and easily cleaned by reverse pumping. Trelleborg hoses are made in France and come in a range of sizes with steel or synthetic reinforcing.

CPE Machinery offers a huge range of Trelleborg hose - Contact our Parts Team on 03 9931 4200 to discuss your needs or email

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Esser Twin Pipes

Resistant, economical and reliable pipeline solutions for concrete pumps that save you time and money

When pumping concrete, normal steel pipes and cast elbows will wear out after a very short period of time.

The results are unnecessarily high costs due to loss of production and a need for frequent pipeline replacement. These costs can be reduced by using Esser conveying pipes.

Esser's long-term experience and close cooperation with all concrete pump manufacturers has allowed them to develop products, which will achieve a superior service life, especially at critical wear points of conveying pipes, such as reducers, boom rotating points, boom crossings with the pipe, impact elbows and turret elbows.

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Con Forms Ruff-Neck

Guaranteed to outlast any other reducing hose on the market. The original and the best! Patented steel reinforced reducing boom hose, available in 5" to 4" and 5" to 3".

Key benefits include:

  • 85 bar working pressure
  • No exposed wire reinforcement on hose tip
  • 5" to 3" hose ideal for ICF, block and form filling applications
  • Smooth, controlled concrete flow virtually eliminates splatter and reduces boom bounce
  • Eliminates need for steel reducer and couplings, Rams Horn or double 90° elbows
  • Does not exceed boom manufacturers weight limit

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Concrete Primers & Cleaners

Save time and money on the job and keep your pump running smoothly with our range of concrete pump primers and cleaners.

  • EZ PRIME - Concrete pump primer (liquid) that stores easily, won't blow away, mixes within 2 minutes and outperforms powder primers
  • SLICK WILLIE 2 - This concrete pump primer (powder) is a non-alkaline formula that thickens quickly and won't dry out concrete
  • PRIME-A-PAC - A refractory pump primer (powder) that contains the equivalent of 18-40kg bags of cement - the closest substitute for cement slurries
  • BIO SLIDE - An all-natural, premium quality concrete release agent that facilitates easy removal of concrete structures from forms while minimizing voids, bug holes and form build-up
  • CRETE-BUSTER - This concrete remover ships as a non-hazardous concentration and is safe on paint, metal, glass, chrome & rubber. Simply add water and use!
  • SLOW WILLIE - One packet of this concrete retarder will delay the set time of 1m3 concrete by up to 3 hours, saving you time and money when delays occur

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